QTY (m2)
1 Jumeirah Shopping & Leisure Complex Skylight Glazing   UAE Dubai MERO (Middle East) L.L.C 8mm Versalux Blue 2000 Tinted temp /16 AS/10.76mm Laminated Glass[4mm Clear Low’E’ Ann+0.76mm Clear PVB+6mm Clear Ann]With Ceramic Frit lines design  2700
2 Cairo Airport Egypt Cairo MERO (Middle East) L.L.C 13.14mm Laminated Glass [6mm Arctic Blue Tinted Temp/1.14mm Clear PVB/6mm Clear Low’E’ Temp] 16mm AS  [silicone]+ 10mm Clear  Tempered Heat Soaked Glass / with dot Ceramic fritting 1500
3 National Bank of Abu Dhabi UAE Abu Dhabi MERO (Middle East) L.L.C 15.14mm Laminated Glass [6mm Solarbel SS08 on Clear Temp+1.14mm Clear PVB+8mm Clear Temp] 16mm Air Space +13.52mm Clear Laminated Temp with Dot Matrix Ceramic Fritting 3000
4 Al Nahda Shopping Mall UAE Sharjah MERO (Middle East) L.L.C 6mm Bluegreen Tinted Heat Strengthened Glass 0.76mm Clear PVB+ XIR Film + 0.76mm Clear PVB+ 12mm Clear Tempered Heat Soaked Glass 1400
5 Science Park Hong Kong   Goldway Enterprises Inc. 10mm Clear Temp.+1.52mm Clear PVB + XIR film+10mm Clear Temp  3500
        12mm Clear Temp+1.52mm Clear PVB + XIR film+12mm Clear Temp  700
6 Kowloon Hospital  Hong Kong   Goldway Enterprises Inc. 6mm Clear Heat Strengthened +1.52mm Clear PVB +XIR Film+6mm Solar Grey Heat Strengthened Glass 400
7 City Bank Bahrain   Prisma Space Frame 42.28mm Insulated Tempered Glass
13.14mm Green Tinted laminated Glass
16AS+13.14mm Clear Low'E'Temp Laminated Glass
W/Ceramic Fritting  25mm Square dots in White Colour
8 Dubai Business centre UAE Dubai Lisus International  PTE Ltd. Singapore 33.14mm  Insulated Double Glass
8mm Clear Tempered Glass with Ceramic Fritted strip
12AS+13.14mm Clear  Laminated Tempered  with Low’E’ 
9 AL Muhallab Centre Kuwait   Lisus International  PTE Ltd. Singapore 39.14 mm Insulated Double Glass
8mm Clear Low'E' Coated Tempered and Heat soaked /16 AS/15.14mm Clear Tempered Laminated Glass
10 Cairo International Airport Egypt Cairo ALICO Egypt 6mm Arctic Blue  + 0.76mm Clear PVB + 4mm Clear Low’E’Laminated 900
11 Dubai International Airport UAE Dubai Al Abbar 8mm Azurlite Tinted Tempered +12AS+13.52mm Clear Low'E' Lam. 4000
12 Dubai International Airport UAE Dubai Prisma Space Frame 35.14mm Insulated Double Shaped Glass
6mm Solar ‘E’ Tempered Glass
16mm AS[silicone]+13.14mm Grey Tempered Laminated 
13 Dubai International Airport Passenger Bridge UAE Dubai FMC USA 13.52 Azurlite Tinted Laminated +12AS+6mm Clear Low'E'  3000
14 Royal Prince Alfred Hospital Australia Sydney Architectural Glass Products 13.52mm Clear California Series Laminated Tempered   Glass 900
15 Toyota Showroom Australia Sydney Architectural Glass Products 17.52mm Clear California Series Laminated Tempered & Heat Soaked  Glass 1200
16 Lambton Tower New Zealand   Woods Glass(NZ)Ltd.(Wellington branch) 12.76mm Laminated  Glass
6mm Sunguard Green Heat Strengthened Glass
0.76mm Clear PVB
6mm Clear Low’E’ Heat Strengthened Glass
17 Hyundai Car Showroom UAE Dubai Thomas Bennett 15.52mm California SeriesTM Tempered Laminated Glass with Cool Blue PVB layer  1500
18 Kuwait PetroLium Corporation Kuwait   ALICO 10mm Low'E' Tempered/Heat Soaked+14AS+13.14 Clear Tempered Heat Saoked Laminated Glass 10000
19 German Car Showroom -Business Avenue UAE   ALICO 8mm Clear Temp+12AS+13.52 California Series Laminated Glass 1500
20 Markaz Al Jimi UAE Abu Dhabi Glasstech 44.28mm Insulated Glazed Unit
15.14mm Green/ Sunguard Low'E' LE63 laminated Tempered/16AS/13.14mm Clear Laminated Temp. glass 
21 BMW  Showroom Kuwait   ALICO 13.52 California Series Glass  /16AS-13.14 Clear Temp Laminated with Spider fitting 1000
22 Immeuable University Paris   ALICO 10.76 Blue green/ Solarstop Heat Strengthened with Ceramic Fritting+12AS+8mm Clear Tempered 1200
23 Mazda Showroom Kuwait   ALICO California Series Laminated glass 900
24 Cultural Center UAE Dubai Thomas Bennett 8mm Clear temp+1.52+XIR+8mm Clear Temp 1300
25 Birla Cooperative  INDIA DELHI National Engineering Bronze Reflective Laminated Glass 5000
26 Marina Mall UAE Abu Dhabi Arabian Industries 11.52 Clear Laminated with Design  800
27 Siddique Trade Centre Pakisthan Lahore Alfa Engineering Gold & Green Reflective Laminated Glass 7000
28 Al Maria Cini-complex UAE Abu Dhabi Belgium Aluminium Eclipse Arctic Blue with Low'E' Laminated Glass 3800
29 Grand Hayat INDIA Mumbai Seajuli Properties 19.52mm Clear Laminated Temp/Heaty Soaked glass 800
30 Sharjah Expo Centre UAE Sharjah SOLICO Clear Low'E' laminated Glass 900
31 Doha City Centre Doha Qatar Trading & Agency Servise Limited 8mm Eclipse Bluegreen/12As/11.52 Low'E Laminated Glass , Ceramic Fritting  4000
32 Etislalat Building UAE Al Ain Arabian Construction 9.52mm Sunguard Green Laminated+12AS+11.52mm Low'E" Laminated Glass 4000
6mm Stopsol Classic Bronze Tempered +16AS+11.14mm Clear Laminated Tempered  with Ceramic Frit dots                              
34 Abu Dhabi Trade Centre UAE Abu Dhabi MERO (Middle East) L.L.C 6mm SS20 on green HS/16AS/13.52mm Clear Laminated with Ceramic Fritting 3000
35 N.S.S.F Uganda UGANDA Kampala ALICO 11.14mm Eclipse Arctic Blue H.S. Laminated Glass 9000

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